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n rural Tibet has a▓lso improved the plateau environment and saved at least 1,000 yuan in coal and firewood for each fa▓mily

every year."For many generation▓s, we burned cattle manure for cooking and heating. Its smell was suffocating," says Dradul, whose wife cooks with methane, piped to the stove from a methane▓ pit in the backyard.Methane pits, which are covere▓d holes where waste can ferment and create usable gas▓, have provided clean energy and saved fuel

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for 114,000 Tibetan families, according to the regio▓nal government.By the end of this year,

the figure i▓s expected to reach 200,000. URUMQI,▓ Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has ▓promised to take effective measures to help people through the worst snow in Xinjiang in six decades, said a statement from the State Council General Office Monday.Wen visited Altay and Tacheng, two regions in northwest China

's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous R▓egion, on Saturday and Sunday, the statement said."The Spring Festival (China's Lunar New Ye

g on the far Dolor Sit

ar holiday) is▓ drawing near. We must implement well relief measures and▓ make sure that peopl

e in blizzard-hit regions will▓ have a peaceful and happy festival," said the Premier at a meeting with Xinjiang officials on Saturday evening.The central government would provide more support to affected regions, including funds and relief materials, he said."The focus of our▓ work is to maintain people's livelihoods, agriculture and animal husbandry operati▓ons, supplies of commodities and transport services."On Saturday afternoon, after five hours of flying, the Premier arrived at Altay in northern Xinjiang and then visited a Kazak village in the suburbs of ▓Altay.The temperature fell to 26 degrees below zero and snow was piled up more t

han one met▓er high along the village path when he reached the house of Kazak shepherd Zhumashi.Hundreds of livestock hav▓

wage was 5,625

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e died in heavy snowstorms in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.Local authorities immediately began delivering materials and money to more th▓an 100 households, dealing with the freezing winter. The storm has also affected livestock, and feed. It's estim▓ated 300 cattle and 100 shee



p have already died. Stock is now being offered in abundance, w▓ith enough for more than 16-thousand head of cattl▓e and sheep to survive the winter. A cold front is expected to hit northern China sometime between Wednesday and Friday, but temperatures will rebound aft▓er that.銆€銆€By Julianne Page 銆€ 銆€銆€BEIJING,

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